Name Llangwynllyn
Owner Andrew Griffiths
Gauge 00-9
Theme Fictitious Welsh Narrow Guage Railway
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Llangwynllyn is a quiet hamlet in North Wales on the Afon Gwyn Estuary.
The Afon Gwyn lower dam retains water for the Bryn Myrddin Hydroelectric Pump Power Station.
The wharf formerly used for the transhipment of fine Welsh slates, hewn from the nearby Sieffre Gwilym quarry, is used by the local fishing fleet landing their catches of Mackerel, Bass, Lobster and Crab.

The local Welsh speaking people and tourists alike use the Llangwynllyn Light Railway formerly the old quarry line, as a means of transport to and from towns along the valley. The line is also used by some mineral traffic to cross the valley and gains access to the old L.N.E.R. line at Chwilog.

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Exhibition Dates
1999 Small & Delightful 20/02/1999
Tunbridge Wells 22/10/1999
Watford 1999 30/10/1999

Magazine Features The 009 News - November 1994

Scale Model Trains - March 1995

Model Railway Enthusiast - December 1996

Awards Best Layout In Show - Basildon 1994

Best Layout In Show - Basildon 1997

Size Freestanding Layout measuring 9'6" x 3'2" or in it's new form with L-shaped addition 9'6" x 6'4".
Availability Available Restricted