Name Peat Bog
Owner B.M.R.C.
Gauge 09 - 0 gauge figures and stock on N gauge track.
Theme Preserved Light Railway & Nature Reserve
Layout Guide
Mopsies Peat Bog & Nature Reserve Light Railway is the full name of this layout. A peat works and nature reserve all in one.
On the right side is the industry area, where the peat is taken to be processed. In the same area is the station for the passenger train to take the birdwatchers to the nature reserve for bird watching.
On the left side is the nature reserve and peat bogs. This is where the locos collect the peat and take it to the industry area and where the other station is for passengers get off, to walk around the nature reserve or watch the birds.
In between these two areas is the engine shed, river and the pumping station. The area is always busy with freight or the engine shed with a loco being repaired. The river is a good place for fishing and you will always see a fisherman trying to get a catch. Opposite him is the pumping station which is used to pump water out of the peat bog, so the peat can be brought back to the works.
The peat bog is always busy and full of action and is improving all the time.

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Exhibition Dates
2001 TUN-WELLS MRC 29/09/2001
2002 Basildon MRC 2002 06/07/2002
Ilford & West Essex 21/09/2002
2003 Basildon MRC 2003 05/07/2003
North Cresent Primary School Fete 13/07/2003
Tring MRC 11/10/2003
2004 Crawley MRS 17/04/2004
Basildon MRC 2004 03/07/2004
Wilmington Model Railway Exhibition 09/10/2004
2005 Hatfield MRS 07/05/2005
2007 Rail Club de Meaux 20th Anniversary Exhibition 12/01/2007
Roding Valley MRG 19/05/2007
2008 Ilford & West Essex MRC Exhibition 04/10/2008
2009 East Ham & District MRC Exhibition 14/03/2009
Castle Point Transport Museum 19/04/2009
Romford MRS Exhibition 14/11/2009
2013 Shepherd & Neames - Model Railway Exhibition 11/05/2013
Ely & District MRC's 35th Exhibitio 18/05/2013
Basildon MRC - Model railway Exhibition 06/07/2013
2016 Small & Delightful Exhibition 20/02/2016

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Size Layout size =7' x 1'4" and requires footprint 7'x5'.
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