Name Secciole Salina (Slovenian Salt Pan)
Owner B.M.R.C.
Gauge Gn15 ( G Scale running on 0-16.5 track)
Theme This layout depicts a Mediterranean Salt Pan illustrating the production of Salt in the Adriatic, a process that has happened over 100s of years.
Layout Guide
Salt is produced by the evaporation of water in large lagoons. The Salt is then manually shovelled into rail wagons, the wooden wagons on the layout are typical of the Slovenian scene. Manual labour was used to move the Salt Wagons to the Store and Bagging Areas, although other locations used both mechanical handling and diesel locomotives to speed up the process.
We have built Mechanical processes into the layout as the Slovenian location now gears Salt Production to Educational guided tours of the site and associated Museum.
The layout incorporates several animations and more are planned. The key one is a Windvane Water Pump.

The Buildings on the layout are typical of the large Salt Pan to be found close by the Port of Piran in Slovenia.
An occasional Tourist Train runs, enabling visitors to appreciate the production process and see the abundant wildlife associated with such wetland areas.

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Exhibition Dates
2006 Basildon MRC 2006 01/07/2006
Kent & East Sussex MRG 21/10/2006
Shoeburyness MRC 25/11/2006
2007 Rail Club de Meaux 20th Anniversary Exhibition 12/01/2007
Orpington MRC 10/03/2007
7MM Narrow Gauge Association AGM 19/05/2007
ESSEX CHAILEY 21/07/2007
MOMING '07 18/08/2007
Romford M.R.S. 10/11/2007
2008 Small & Delightful Railway Group 16/02/2008
S.W.Herts Model Railway Exhibition 10/05/2008
GREENWICH & District NG.R.S. expo 08 25/10/2008
2009 Shepshed Model Railway Show 28/03/2009
SWING 25/04/2009
Eastern Rail Show 2009 16/08/2009
Ilford & West Essex MRC Exhibition 03/10/2009
2010 Brighton Model World 12/02/2010
City of Ely College 15/05/2010
TaD-Rail Exhibition (Tring & District MRC) 09/10/2010
2011 London Festival of Railway Modelling 26/03/2011
Castle Point Transport Museum - Model Railway Show 17/04/2011
Association of Larger Scale Railway Modellers; Southern Show 07/05/2011
Royston & District MRC 19/11/2011
2012 Brambleton MRC 21/01/2012
St.Augustines Ecumenical Model Railway Exhibition 14/04/2012
Chalkwell Park Methodist Church - Railway Exhibition 10/08/2012
Haynes Show 2012 06/10/2012
2015 Saffron Walden MRC 2015 Exhibition 21/02/2015
Basildon MRC 36th Exhibition 04/07/2015
Erith MRS 19/09/2015

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Size 2.2x0.96m, free standing.
Additional 1m of space now required to display series of Photos of the Slovenian location. These are board mounted and displayed using an Artist's Easel.
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