Name Gneiss Farm
Owner Gerry Bullock
Gauge Gn15
Theme Traditional Rural Somerset Farm
Layout Guide
This small layout set in Somerset depicts remote rural farm with access available only via narrow Farm lanes that are only passable by Farm Tractors.
The Landowner in the tradition of Heywood has a love of railways and has constructed a Narrow Gauge Rail link to the local Branch line that, by fortune, passes over the land of adjoining Farms that benefit from the link to the nearby Market Town. He also has his own Steam Loco, which is a Replica of Heywood's Effie and is used to transport his mother to the local market.

Goods in include wood for heating, farm materials, empty cider barrels plus empty boxes for fruit produced on the farm. Shopping from local town also delivered by the railway, in fact the wife of the owner of Gneiss Farm had her own Shopping Trolley Loco modelled on a Cuban Sugar Cane Loco (Donít ask)!
Goods out would include full Farmhouse Honey Cider Barrels, boxes of Fruit and from some farms the occasional sheep wagon.
Apart from a flock of sheep other animals are kept on Farm but merely to supply family needs.

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Exhibition Dates
2007 Basildon MRC 2007 07/07/2007
Romford M.R.S. 10/11/2007
2008 Castle Point Transport Museum 20/04/2008
2009 Small & Delightful - Narrow Gauge SOUTHWEST 2009 21/02/2009
Enfield Town MRC 27/06/2009
Wilmington Model Railway Exhibition 10/10/2009
EXPO Narrow Gauge 31/10/2009
2010 De Haviland MRS Exhibition 17/04/2010
Swing 2010 01/05/2010
Hoddesden Model Railway Exhibition 10/07/2010
Ilford & West Essex MRC 02/10/2010
Letchworth MRS 27/11/2010
2011 Watford Finescale Exhibition 19/02/2011
Chelmsford MRC Exhibition 22/10/2011
2012 East Beds MRS Exhibition 11/02/2012
Chalkwell Park Methodist Church - Railway Exhibition 10/08/2012
Haynes Show 2012 06/10/2012

Magazine Features Featured in Carl Arendt's Small Layout Scrapbook @


Size 1.4x0.4m requires a 5 foot table however a 6 foot table is preferred enabling photos of Prototypes used as basis for various Rolling Stock to be displayed.

Project in progress to increase layout size and operating potential with additional 1 metre board at RH end of existing board. Availability late 2008
Availability Available