Name Dinas Mawddwy
Owner B.M.R.C.
Gauge O Gauge 7mm : 1'
Theme Welsh branch line 1930's
Layout Guide
Dinas Mawddwy was an important market town at one time, with claims to a14th-century charter, but it is now no more - and no less - than a highly picturesque village, just off the A470 between Mallwyd and Dolgellau. It has a historic inn bilingually named the Llew Coch/Red Lion and a few doors away a stone cottage serves as the local branch of the Midland Bank.

The old-world atmosphere owes much to the fact that the main road bypasses the village, which is encircled by steep-sided wooded mountains. The lofty Bwlch y Groes Mountain road at 1791ft, is the highest road in Wales, clawing its way over remote uplands north-east of Dinas Mawddwy towards Llanuwchllyn and Bala.

Meirion Mill Weaving unit and mill shop with tweeds, tapestries, rugs, coats and other products is housed in what was once part of the terminus for the now defunct Mawddwy Railway. Pont Minllyn, just inside entrance to the mill complex, is a grass-topped packhorse bridge built in the 17th century by local rector.

The Mawddwy railway (standard gauge) ran between Cemmes Road and Mawddwy, a total distance of 6m 63ch. The line was constructed in 1866/67 by Edmund Buckley who later became Sir Edmund Buckley. The line fell into disuse in 1908. It was re-opened in 1911 by the Cambrian Railway and was absorbed into BR (Western Region) in 1948. The last freight train ran on September 5th 1950 and the line closed in July 1951.

The layout (erectable in two sizes, 16' x 3' or 24' x 3') depicts Dinas Mawddwy station in the GWR period around the 1930's.

A "blog" on the ongoing build of the layout with photos can be found here:

Additional 4' required behind layout with space for small stock table suitable for "0" gauge stock.

Requires 3-4 operators. Transported in Transit diesel minibus; expenses determined when booked.

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Exhibition Dates
2009 Basildon Model Railway Club 30th Anniversary 04/07/2009
2010 Woolwich Railway Exhibition (Firepower) 05/06/2010
Basildon MRC 03/07/2010
Dereham MRC Exhibition 22/08/2010
Beckenham & West Wickham MRC 23/10/2010
Romford MRS Exhibition 13/11/2010
2011 Brambleton MRC 22/01/2011
Roding Valley MRS 21/05/2011
Rail Club de Meaux - France 04/06/2011
Chatham & District MRC 11/06/2011
Ilford & West Essex MRC 01/10/2011
Chelmsford MRC Exhibition 22/10/2011
Colchester MRC 30/10/2011
Letchworth Model Railway Exhibition 26/11/2011
2012 Association of Larger Scale Railway Modellers; Southern Show 12/05/2012
Mid Essex MRC Exhibition 15/09/2012
2013 Basildon MRC - Model railway Exhibition 06/07/2013
Bressingham Steam Museum 01/09/2013
Ipswich Railway Modellers Association 16/11/2013
2014 Castle Point transport Museum - Model Railway Show 13/04/2014
Chatham & District Model Railway Exhibition 14/06/2014
Railway Enthusiasts Club - Model Railway Exhibition 20/09/2014
Shoeburyness Model Railway Exhibition 22/11/2014
2015 Erith MRS Exhibition 2015 24/01/2015
Garden of England - Model Fest 12/12/2015

Magazine Features

Awards The Griffiths award for presentation. (Basildon 2010)

Size Can be supplied erected in 2 forms. 16x3' or 24x3' and will require additional 4' behind layout with space for stock table suitable for "0" gauge stock.
Transported to exhibitions available for both lengths.
Availability Can be erected 16ft min or 24ft max (please ask).