Name Seagle Bay
Owner B.M.R.C.
Gauge N
Theme Coastal Town
Layout Guide
Seagle Bay is a small northern coastal town not far from the Scottish border. Set in the late 1950s/early1960s, this fictional town is at a bit of a crossroads. The fishing is dying out and coal no longer forms a large part of its work.
It has various advantages; along from this scene it has a lovely coastline where birds and seals can be spotted(it is rumoured that sea eagles have been seen!) The tourist trade has kept the town going. Another reason is that it is on the North-South mainline and having been historically a refreshment stop, it still has regular stops by express trains.
There are troubling times ahead and Seagle Bay hopes to survive with some changes. No doubt the port will be closed, left derelict for years until turned into expensive "waterfront apartments"
A selection of steam and diesel can be seen at Seagle Bay!

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Exhibition Dates
2010 Basildon MRC 03/07/2010
Medway Circle Railway Exhibition 11/09/2010
2011 Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway 19/06/2011
Basildon MRC 02/07/2011
Medway Circle Railway Exhibition 10/09/2011
2012 Woolwich Firepower 2012 02/06/2012
Basildon MRC 33rd Model Railway Exhibition  07/07/2012
Ilford & West Essex MRC 06/10/2012
Romford MRS 10/11/2012
2014 Basildon MRC - 35th Model Railway Exhibition 05/07/2014
2016 Longfield Railway Exhibition 2016 (Erith MRS) 30/01/2016
Ipswich Railway Modellers Association - 2016 Exhibition 12/11/2016

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Size 14ft by 4ft
Availability from July 2014