Name Maneoattie ( One at a time )
Owner Andrew Griffiths
Gauge HO 1:87 Canadian
Theme Shunting puzzle DCC
Layout Guide
Maneoattie is a small freight yard on the outskirts of a Canadian prairie town. The Yard was always small, and could only ever handle a limited number of freight cars. at the same time. Now that some of the box cars, and grain hoppers are larger the yard is a switch-man's nightmare. See how he moves the empty hoppers from the mill road to under the COOP grain silos. At the same time moving the full hoppers to the mill road, or how the box cars are shunted around in the yard, to move freight to and from the factory. Milled flour also needs to be loaded into box cars, for outgoing shipments. If you are lucky you may get to see a GP 35 or a SD 40-2 work it's way around the yard to the refuelling point.

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Exhibition Dates
2012 Basildon MRC 33rd Model Railway Exhibition  07/07/2012
2013 Maidstone Model Railway Exhibition 27/04/2013
Gravesend - East Model Railway Exhibition 25/05/2013
Shotgate Baptist Church - Funday 02/06/2013
Basildon MRC - Model railway Exhibition 06/07/2013
St. Thomas Model Railway Exhibition 13/07/2013
Romford MRS Exhibition 09/11/2013
2014 Tonbridge Model Railway Club 15/02/2014
St.Augustines Ecumenical Model Railway Exhibition 05/04/2014
Chatham & District Model Railway Exhibition 14/06/2014
Medway Model Show 06/09/2014
Wilmington Model Railway Exhibition 11/10/2014
2015 Mid Essex Model Railway Show 19/09/2015

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