Name Gneiss Cider/Farm
Owner Gerry Bullock
Gauge Gn15
Theme Traditional Rural Somerset Cider Barn Factory & Farm
Layout Guide
This small layout set in Somerset depicts a remote rural farm accessible only via narrow farm lanes that are only passable by Farm Tractors.
The Landowner in the tradition of Heywood has a love of railways and has constructed a Narrow Gauge Rail link to the local Branch line.
The line passes over the land of adjoining Farms and through a local village with the Cider Press Plant and busy Black Cat Pub that benefit from the link to the nearby Market Town.
He also has his own Steam Loco, which is a Replica of Heywood's Effie and is used to transport his mother to the local market.
The Landowner�s wife has her own Shopping Trolley Loco modelled on a Cuban Sugar Cane Loco (Don�t ask)!
The Cider Press Factory is located in an old Barn cellar with a railway tunnel connected to the nearby Black Cat Inn.
The Cider apples here are unusually grown as cordons alongside the Narrow Gauge Railway.
There�s an Artist�s studio in the Pub basement as well as a collection of Old Masters (Prints we think).
Look out for the scary Ghost in a disused tunnel!

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Exhibition Dates
2012 Basildon MRC 33rd Model Railway Exhibition  07/07/2012
12Volts And A Custard Cream 28/07/2012
2013 Small & Friendly Shepton Mallet - Confirmed Booking 16/02/2013
St.Augustines Ecumenical Model Railway Exhibition 13/04/2013
ExpoNG 2013 26/10/2013
Shoeburyness MRC Exhibition 23/11/2013
2014 Romford MRS Exhibition 08/11/2014
2015 Turner's Folly Model Railway Exhibition 04/04/2015
Ilford & West Essex 25/04/2015

Magazine Features None.

Awards Best-in-Show Basildon MRC July 2013
Layout Best Feature Award Shepton Mallet Small & Delightful NG Show February 2013

Size 2.55x0.5m however not freestanding so requires two 5' tables.
Availability SOLD - last exhibition Ilford April 2015