Name A Rivetting Day Out with Wallace & Gromit
Owner Gerry Bullock
Gauge W&Gn15
Theme Wallace & Gromit Rivet Farm
Layout Guide
Layout features an inverted figure of 8 running past Wallace's house and within the loops is a Stonewalled Rivet Plantation; this enclosure is called a Cobblers. Some of these Rivets will be presented at the Wensleydale Decennial Games.
Being Organic Wallace's Rivets recently won a Gold Award at the 77th International Rivet Makers Conference held in Sane City.
Above the Cobblers is an automatic watering system using 9mm track.
Most W&G characters are featured on the layout; watch out for the Were-Rabbit who makes unscheduled appearances he just loves organic rivets!!!!

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Exhibition Dates
2013 Basildon MRC - Model railway Exhibition 06/07/2013
Chalkwell Park Methodist Church - Railway Exhibition 09/08/2013
2014 St.Augustines Ecumenical Model Railway Exhibition 05/04/2014
Westwood Art Group 18/10/2014
2015 Small & Delightful Exhibition 21/02/2015
Bognor Regis SWING 16/05/2015

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Size 30"x24" requires a 4' square table

Only available for 1-day shows.
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