Name Guys Fizz-Bang + Fawkesville Trams
Owner B.M.R.C.
Gauge On30 (1/48 scale)
Theme Firework Factory served by Trams to bring workers from Fawkesville.
Layout Guide
This combined layout built in On30 is aimed at the Younger Generation.
All that is required to operate it is a push on the RED Button.
Guys Fizz Bang
It depicts the American “NOISE-R-US” Firework factory situated at a town called Fawkesville in the American Midwest.
In view of the inherent danger when manufacturing Fireworks the City Fathers of Fawkesville insisted on the Factory being built some miles from the town in a semi desert area.
However they did agree to NOISE-R-US building a tramway from Fawkesville out to the factory. This enabled the factory workforce to easily reach their place of work.
You will see the tram leave its shed and proceed to the Factory station and then head out across a bridge to Fawkesville Town before returning with some workers ready for the next shift.
As it is dusk the Buildings are lit and there are some Lamps to light the workers path to the Factory and the Burger Bar.
You’ll note that the Burger Bar is well used – the owner offers free Tea or Coke to anyone buying a Big-Burger!
You can't miss the Factory Building, not only is it large it also has it's own Firework Display Neon Sign on the roof.
Look at the sky, it’s a starlit night.

Fawkesville has a two platform Station and two trams operate to the Firework Factory. You'll see the town in the background. There's also a Fire Station as nearby live some witches who keep lighting fires. The Fire engine will run along a track to extinguish the fire.
You will also see a firework display close to the Witches Pumpkin House.
We hope you like it!

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Exhibition Dates
2014 Basildon MRC - 35th Model Railway Exhibition 05/07/2014
2015 St.Augustines MRX 11/04/2015
2016 Small & Delightful Exhibition 20/02/2016
Romford MRS 12/11/2016

Magazine Features None

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Size 9'x16" requires 2 freestanding 5' tables.

(Transport details only: height of layout is 19")
Availability From July 2014