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This section is for viewing reviews, pictures and details of club and member layouts. It is intended to give prospective members an insight into what we do at the Basildon Model Railway Club and what can be achieved in the world of railway modelling.

Each layout review, comes complete with the details of it's size, gauge and dates available for exhibiting and also exhibitions that the layout may already be booked into. This should provide valuable information for anyone wishing to go and see one of our representative layouts in the flesh. It is also a handy guide for scouting exhibition managers who may want to take a look at layouts the club has to offer before sending invites.

If exhibition managers wish to enquire about availability of club or member's layouts, email info@basildon-mrc.org.uk.

We would also like to encourage visitors to our site to pass on any comments or questions they have on any of the club or members layouts.

 Layout Name   Owner   Availability 
St. James Pier Barry Tresadern Sep-2015
Shell Haven Barry Tresadern March-2016
Black Box Mine Co. Barry Tresadern Mid-2015
KS Laser Designs TRADE STAND Barry Tresadern Now
Guys Fizz-Bang + Fawkesville Trams Barry Tresadern From July 2014
Jim's Folly Barry Tresadern Now
A Rivetting Day Out with Wallace & Gromit Barry Tresadern Now
Aldwych UG Barry Tresadern Now
Gneiss Cider/Farm Barry Tresadern SOLD - last exhibition Ilford April 2015
Muchroom Barry Tresadern 2012
Basildon Municipal Recycling Centre Barry Tresadern Now
Laptop Rail-Sim demonstration Barry Tresadern Now
Maneoattie ( One at a time ) Barry Tresadern Now
A.G.L. Associates (Loads of Loads) TRADE STAND Barry Tresadern NOW
Seagle Bay Barry Tresadern from July 2014
Dinas Mawddwy Barry Tresadern Can be erected 16ft min or 24ft max (please ask).
Somerset Cider Barry Tresadern Now
H.F.C. Gravel Co Barry Tresadern Restricted. Contact info@basildon-mrc.org.uk
Gneiss Farm Barry Tresadern Available
Lyndsey's Floral Garden (Featuring Britains Ltd ) Barry Tresadern Now
Secciole Salina (Slovenian Salt Pan) Barry Tresadern Now
Greenwood Barry Tresadern Available-Very Restricted
Peat Bog Barry Tresadern Now
George Street Barry Tresadern Withdrawn by owner
Tal-Y-Bont Barry Tresadern Now
Doctor David's Loco Hospital Barry Tresadern Now
Kadeleigh Barry Tresadern Now
Grandfather's Layout Barry Tresadern Currently under renovation
Felsham Road Barry Tresadern Restricted. Contact Info@basildon-mrc.org.uk
Drive it Thomas Barry Tresadern Now
Llangwynllyn Barry Tresadern Available Restricted

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